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Our unique organizational environment encompasses togetherness and excellence.  We are customer focused and professionalism is our passion.  We are a non competing team that promotes open communication and continual training to become the best versions of ourselves.

We love the bold, entrepreneurial spirits who are eager to challenge themselves and be leaders in their community and within their organization.  At Rockstar Realty, we encourage individualism and strengthen it by working together as a team.  You not only have your own skill set to rely on but the skill set of your brokerage.  By being educational based, you are continually learning as are your coworkers, building an arena of elite professionals that can lean on one another for the greater good of the industry.


Our servant leadership style revolves around community and agent growth through mentorship, listening and trust. We value your development and success and can help you excel. Whether you are a seasoned pro or new to the industry, you'll find our commitment to you is unsurpassed.  We have the tools and insight to help you turn it up a notch in your career. We are ready, are you?

Susan Voelkel


Josh Burdine

Broker Associate

Al Giacalone

Broker Associate


Never complacent and always humble as we seek out tools and innovations for you and our brand. 


You have support from your brokerage and fellow Rockstars. Questions will never go unanswered.

Weekly Workshops

Once a week we offer workshops and formal training. It's up to you to come and benefit from it.


Cloud based office solutions are standard here as well as tools to help you be more efficient in your business.


Our edgy Ft Myers office offers an open concept environment as well as workspace while you're on the go.



Bring your questions or innovative ideas and let's talk about them during the workshops. We are a team! This is where we help each other grow.  If you are new to the industry, these workshops will give you experience. If you are a veteran agent, help inspire others.



Earn more with our revenue sharing program. By building a bigger business you can profit and create residual income.


Dollar Bill in Jar

We value equally beneficial commission plans. We work hard to build your success and offer simple all inclusive plans.

  • No desk fees

  • No monthly fees

  • No franchise fees (we're locally owned)

  • No technology fees


Digital Work

You won't find boring non interactive training here.  We are serious about contracts at Rockstar Realty. The best way to learn anything is by doing it. Let's do it!



Progressive and team spirited. We are a non compete brokerage. Working together to build successful relationships through information sharing and customer focused objectives. Together we are an information warehouse. We are movers and shakers.


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