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List your SWFL home

Where to start when listing your home.

There are over 180 steps that we will take for you throughout your home selling transaction! But first, lets take baby steps and break down the home listing process.

You will want to do your neighborhood market research and review the market data that we provide for you so that you can arrive at a competitive listing price. This part of the process is one of the most important steps you will take in ensuring you don't leave any money on the table and that you do not deter potential home buyers from viewing your home seriously.  

Want to learn more? Scroll down and let's get serious. 

What's the next step in listing my home for sale?

An in-depth look at the listing process

1. Market research and home value.  As we discussed above.

Use our instant home value report tool above.  Simply click and read. For a more accurate report, contact us to conduct a broker price opinion on your property.

2. Sign a listing agreement. 

Your listing agent will go through every line of the listing agreement to sell your home.  They will also be able to accurately give you the time frame you can expect your home to be on the market in relationship to different list prices. We calculate the absorption rate of your neighborhood in order to provide you with an accurate days on market estimate. You will decide the duration of your listing agreement, the showing instructions, what should not be included in the sale, if you will be willing to make home repairs and what your commission fee will be for your agent's service. 

2. Get a property inspection done

Next you'll want to add value to your home, if necessary, as well as potentially get a property inspection done prior to negotiating a contract.  This will eliminate any surprises during the contract inspection period and will also give you confidence in your negotiation. Most contracts for sale fall through during the inspection period, don't let that happen to you! If you can, make small fixes you may be unaware of before you go under contract.

3. Marketing Plan

Every home and situation requires a unique marketing plan. Your home may be considered to have a smaller floor plan or perhaps you have a tree house in the backyard.  Either way, we are the marketing experts and will determine the most successful marketing route to make your home attract the right buyer. A yard sign and a supra box simply won't do. 

4. Scheduled Showing Plan

There should be a solid and comprehensive showing plan.  Refusing showings regularly or not allowing showings after all the marketing work and dollars have been invested is counter productive.  Consider if there are days you do not want to have showings, or how much notice you need to accommodate your pets.  Planning for home showings in advance of the first showing will eliminate stress for you and your listing agent.  

5. Negotiating a contract

Once offers begin coming in, we will sit down and review all the terms of the offer. Sales price isn't the only important factor when considering an offer on your property. Days to close, inspection period, financing contingencies, appraisal addendums, seller concessions and closing dates all need to be evaluated closely.  When the meeting of the mind happens and you accept or counter offer, you are officially under contract. But that doesn't mean you  will necessarily close!  There are many  opportunities for your contract to fall through. With Rockstar Realty by your side, you'll feel confident and informed through the whole process.

Showing Plan

Learn about how to have successful showings of your home.

How do we market your home?

Learn more about our marketing strategies for max exposure

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How does the commission work?

How much we charge and how is it calculated.

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How much is a  home inspection?

What is a home inspection and how does it work?

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